When I paint in oils I immerse myself in the atmosphere, literally the scent of the spirits and mediums as well as the narrative that I am attempting to capture in the surface of the paint applied.

There is a subtle intuition that we tap into with oils, it should feel right, and by that I don’t mean accurate to any subject matter, I mean in the gut, I often say that the painting should be talking to you.

The approach to oil painting is a considered one, step back, look at the whole piece, make a few choice strokes and step back again. Don’t look to rush it and it will build up to deliver exactly what you intended.

Like with the other mediums I have discussed you should look for, at the very least, a student grade oil paint, my preference is Daler Rowney Georgian oils which have a very lovely buttery consistency.

With regard to brushes, tradition dictates coarse hog hair and similar but I will be honest I much prefer a softer brush and some of my smaller brushes are in fact watercolour brushes, with these I can achieve the soft and delicate blends so suited to the slow drying oil paint. Supporting my brushes are a couple of pallet knives which, when needed for rocks and deep groove textures are invaluable.

You can find a comprehensive list of my recommendations on my materials page and if you follow the affiliate links there you will find the exact product and help to support all of my art courses at no cost to you.

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