This medium is by far the most adaptable and useable of all the mediums and is in my opinion the best beginner paint of all. That statement comes with one caveat… drying time! You will hear a great many people state that they can’t get to grips with acrylics because they dry too fast, well this is certainly true but if you learn to work with it then it becomes one of acrylic paints strengths.

You can use it thick or thin, wet or dry expressive or photographic and on almost any surface you can think of! It can act as a glue holding found items in place, it can be polished to a glass like finish, it can be modified to act in a wide array of differing ways with a whole host of mediums… what is not to love!

So where do you start, like with all art materials you get what you pay for. You can pick up a box for a fiver and with another fiver get the rest of the kit you need and turn out a half decent job. There is a downside to this direction, acrylic paints from the cheaper end of the market have a lot of filler in them, sure they will mix and retain a degree of colour but that filler will ultimately take the life and energy out of your creative endeavours. In addition to this the binder in acrylic can quickly destabilise if caution isn’t exercised and lead to some ugly results.

Pretty much all of the ‘art’ brands do a student grade which is an ideal starting point, be warned however that jumping straight to artist grade paints can cost you a lot of money.

Try to buy individual tubes and if you are unsure of which tubes to buy then look at my materials page as a starting point.

Pretty much most of the time you will paint onto canvas and almost anything you pick up will be suitable but I would still advise don’t head for the pound shop!

Brushes are covered in my materials page but I think a good rule of thumb is to buy individual brushes, my preferred type are filberts which are flat across their width put rounded at their tips, these have over the years given me the best results by far.

You can find all of my recommendations on my materials page and if you use the affiliate links there you will get the exact product that I am referencing and, at no cost to yourself, help support all of my courses.

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