Course dates for May have been postponed until June. I hope that we will be at a point in time whereby restrictions have been lifted. If they have not I will revise the June dates and move to July. If you are not able to attend the revised dates then a full refund will be offered.

Please do not delay your intended booking, if bookings fail to be made the courses may well be cancelled entirely

Course Start Dates

Coloured Pencil • Saturday May 23rd 2020 • 10-1 • details

Oil Painting • Tuesday June 2nd • 10-12 • details

Acrylic Painting • Tuesday June 2nd • 12.30 – 2.30 • details

Acrylic Painting • Wednesday June 3rd • 7-9 • details

Acrylic Portraits • Thur June 4th • 10-12 • details

Watercolour for Beginners & Painting for Everyone • Sedgley

If you are interested in two new courses:
Wednesday – Watercolour for beginners, 1.30-3.30
Friday – Open art 9.45-12.45
please contact Helen Richards at the Dormston Centre on 01384 816388 once restrictions are lifted.

The course runs for 8 weeks – fee is set by Dormston

4 thoughts on “Start Dates 2020”

  1. Hi Sean

    Where are you holding your Wednesday evening acrylics course? The page won’t open when I click on the link.


  2. Hello Annette
    This session actually runs at my home studio. We are currently on an extended break over the winter period and start back March 4th. There is currently 1 space available if you wished to book?


  3. How can I join the that courses. I want to join this session and all types of paintings learning,plz. Reply me .I am tanu Singh ,fashion designer or painting artist.

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