How to make scatter terrain for Star Wars Legion and other Sci-Fi tabletop games

Hey guys, so this is the last video for 2020 and the first blog post for 2021 and after the complicated Stargate build I thought I would do something a little more straightforward. These were originally going to be some kind of magical sensor for my Dungeons & Dragons game, I guess they still could be but they took on a bit of a sci-fi theme and could be used as scatter in maybe Star Wars Legion, Core Space or Necromunda – I plan to get all these games next year!

So here we go this is how I crafted the scatter terrain

This build was actually inspired by a spillage from my bits box, just a few things tumbled out and they rolled around on my desk there and i thought actually you know what i could probably build something from a couple of these.

The items I began with were a grommet that you use to hang up a big canvas sheet, a raw plug very easily attainable, and i had got a couple of LED’s knocking around so you may need to secure those. The the rest of it is standard miniatures stuff!

I poke holes through the mini’s base so that I can feed the LED wires through to connect with the battery.

the major complexity of this build happens right now which is as simple as using hot melt glue to attach the grommet to the miniature’s base and then I push the wall plug into that as a shroud over the LED and that’s practically it for this part of the building.

The wires on the inside of the miniature base there will give you enough to grip the battery that you slide in, i will say i did add a small magnet to this towards the end of the build to better hold the battery in place, just make sure that the magnet is touching one of the contacts.

It was my intention from the beginning to make this a very simple paint job so literally i just painted a black base which i then followed up with a drybrushing of metallic brass which I later go onto drybrush again with vallejo polished gold.

2020 has been let’s say a strange year however it’s given me the time and the opportunity to build this channel and i want to say thank you to everybody who has subscribed everybody who has commented, it really has motivated me a great deal to want to bring more and more of this content to YouTube.

I have just recently bought Frostgrave as well as Gaslands so you’ll be seeing me doing some table builds for those. I have a really big table build which I’ve been working on the last couple of months which will be one of the first videos out in 2021. If you really want to support the channel in creating bigger and more in-depth builds along with access to more resources why not consider joining me on my Patreon. I am a freelance fantasy illustrator by trade and a lot of what I am doing here on YouTube is working towards creating content not just for tabletop games but for my personal project World War Fae. This includes illustrative artwork but also the creation of an animated movie. My YouTube channel is a step towards seeing that come to life through physical model and set builds, Patreon can make that happen.

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So, back to the build… i have to admit that was originally going to be the end of the build for this piece of scatter terrain, but i just felt it was missing something. I have lots of these slivers of wood around, they’re actually the stretcher tabs you find at the back of artists canvases but you could use chipboard or any card stock for this really. I drew out some symbols, magical, alien whatever they needed to be and, in this instance because i was dealing with wood, I actually used my pyrography machine to just burn into the into the surface to give that engraved kind of look. You could readily do this with small cutout pieces of card kind of like i did in my Stargate build.

I finished this literally with just a simple dry brushing over a black base of polished gold. It tied in enough with the build as was and i just simply attached those using super glue and there you have it, that’s the build!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this one and I will see you soon. I want to finish by saying let’s see 2020 out the door and let’s invite 2021 in, let’s see where i can take this channel in 2021!

Scatter Terrain for Star Wars Legion, Core Space and other Tabletop Sci-Fi Games

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