Artist General Equipment

This list will present the basics of what you will likely need for any of the mediums that I teach. It is not a comprehensive list and many entries are mere suggestions. I have broken the list down into generic and medium specific and you should decide for yourself what you are most likely to need to begin with to be well provisioned based on budget.

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  • Large Mop – Beginner brush – Great for big splashy washes
  • Flat – Beginner brush – 3/4″ for structural mark making
  • Round – Beginner brush – No.8 for general purpose
  • Detail – Beginner brush – Small enough for most intricate work
  • Script Liner – Beginner brush – Also known as ‘Rigger’ for long strokes
  • Paper – Small pad for testing and experimenting
  • Paper – (A3) Student grade – good for beginners
  • Paper – (A3) High quality with a coarse tooth for great texture
  • Paper – (A3) High quality with a fine tooth for finer detailing
  • Gouache – (A3) White for small corrections and highlights
  • Masking Fluid – Protects specific areas of your paper

Acrylic & Oil

These brushes are ideal for both paints as I don’t use bristle brushes. But don’t mix the brushes, have a set for each type of paint.

  • Filbert – Great general purpose – get short handled if preferred
  • Large Blender – Softening out large areas, or washes & glazes
  • Background Blender – Primarily for oils, high quality
  • Round – Ideal for sharp edges and blocking in
  • Flat – Structural mark making
  • Canvas Board – Hard backed, good size but get the right size for you
  • Linseed Oil – Refined and for use with oils only
  • Turpentine – Distilled and for use with oils only
  • White Spirit – Equipment cleaning for oil painting